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Great Barrier Airways Piper Navajo decal sheet


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Great Barrier Airways Piper Navajo decal sheet.

1:72 decals from Old models Decals.


Great Barrier Airways is a small airline biased in New Zealand and was founded in 1983 to serve the island of Great Barrier. Great Barrier Airways currently employs 25 people and has a fleet of 10 aircraft that includes 3 Islanders, 3 Trislanders, 1 Piper Cherokee, 2 Piper PA-31s (a Navajo and Chieftain) and a single Partenavia P.68. all of the Great Barrier fleet are all used on a mix of scheduled, charter and freight flights.

This sheet is for the Piper PA-31 Navajo which is a twin engine propeller feed liner airliner, that first flew in 1964, and is designed to carry up to 7 passengers. This sheet will enable you to build ZK-NSN using the Broplan kit.


The decals are Inkjet printed and have some specific instructions on their use, and I will show these at the end of the review. The decals are printed on a constant clear so will need careful trimming. The decals are basic, but looking at pictures on the net there isn’t a lot of “livery” on the real aircraft! The review decals are sharply printed and the tail decals stand up to close inspection and are almost photo quality. I note that they are different shades for either side; the old Model decals say that this is as per the real aircraft and looking on the net, this to me is correct.


This is a good set of decals for a very small island airline in New Zealand. I am glad old Model decals are doing these little known airlines now I am off to get a Broplan kit!

Again, one for the more experienced modeller.


Review sample from oldmodels%20logo.jpg

instructions for decal use,


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