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National Airways Corperation (NAC) Boeing 737-200 and Fokker F-27 decals


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National Airways Corperation (NAC) Boeing 737-200 and Fokker F-27 decals

1:144 decals from OldModelDecals New Zeland.

National Airways Corperation (NAC) was a domestic airline baised in New Zealand from 1947 until 1978 when it merged with New Zealand's international airline, Air New Zealand. The airline had its headquarters Wellington New Zealand, and had a fleet of 18 Fokker F-27s, and 8 Boeing 737-200s in 1978 when it merged into Air new Zealand.

Old Model Decals is a company baised in New Zealand and produces Inkjet printed decals for New Zealand airlines. In this review I will look at 2 sets of decals for NAC airliners, firstly a 737-200 then a Fokker F-27 both in 1:144.


The decals come in an A4 plastic wallet with a colour sheet showing some small pictures of the aircraft in service, and there is some information on the aircraft in the fleet. This scheme is the earlier first livery worn by the 737s and is designed to fit on the Airfix 737 kit in 1:144 scale, and are also available in 1:200 scale.


The decals are inkjet printed, and included is some information on using these decals. I will show this sheet at the end of the review.

The decals are printed on a constant clear sheet and need a white base to be applied onto. This shouldn’t be a problem as fuselage above the wings is white. There are registrations for 9 differant aircraft in the NAC fleet. The printing on the sheet is OK, the colours look good but some of the details on the review sheet aren’t perfect, the windows and doors being of note, see the picture below


This only applies to some of the window and door decals, when I use this sheet I will paint the red cheatline and add windows and doors from the kit/ spares box. This is a shame as all the “livery” decals are very nicely done.



The decals again come in an A4 plastic wallet with some information and a colour photo of one of NACs Fokker F-27s, and is recommended for the F-rsin, Welsh, or Doyusha model kits. This sheet is for the second style livery worn by the F-27s in the NAC fleet, the review set is in 1:144, but it is also available in 1:96, and 1:72 scale.


The decals are inkjet printed, and included is some information on using these decals, again the same instructions are included to help you use the decals.

This first sheet shown is on a constant clear sheet, again most of the printing is very nice and the details are very fine. Again it is the windows that have some problems so use the kits decals or raid the spares box.There are registrations to allow you to build one of 8 different aircraft in the fleet


The smaller second sheet is printed on a white sheet, this is to help make the masking between the white upper, and silver lower sections easier as it zig-zags behind the rear doors. This sheet is well printed and includes the fleet names that some aircraft wear. Careful cutting will be needed with this sheet as it is a constant white decal.



I applaud Old models for producing these sheets of less well known, and sometimes short run airlines. I will recommend these decals for the more experienced modelers. Some research and care will produce a nice model. I will be raiding the spares box for some of the airframe stencils, windows and doors but don’t let this put you off.

Review sample from


below is the instruction sheet included in both sets for information


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Hi Rich, I received my two sets for the Lodestar and Electra 10 today which are going to save a lot of work, a couple of the cheatlines are stepped by pixels but nothing an experienced modeller cannot overcome with decal film. Overall very pleased with these sets and have a Lodestar under construction. I can also recommend "NAC the Illustrated History" by Waugh, Lane, Mc Connell which I managed to purchase through Ian Allan Publishing, excellent reference photos and much nostalgia (for me!) MODeller

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I agree totally, thats why I said they are not for the novice, but where else can you get decals for NAC airliners?

I have a few more sets to review in the next few days from this company, and over all I am impressed with them.

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