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Sea Venom Flightsuit Colour


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I have recently started building the Eastern Express Sea Venom kit, but there are no details on what colour the flightsuit, helmet, etc. should be. Could someone point me in the right direction? I tried finding photos but the ones I found are all black and white...


James :-)

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Dont know about the RN but in the RAN flight suits were a light green, almost like a very faded modern flight suit.

Life jackets were orange.

There is an old film banging around of the RAN Sea Venom aerobatic team that has some good shots .

Perhaps google "Ramjets"

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Hi James,

It depends on the area of operations and the 'season' what the RN aircrews wore.

In warm climates, such as the Mediterranean or Far East, a standard flying overall would be worn which was either green or olive drab (greeny brown) colour. Over the top of this would be the lifejacket which is orange.

In cold climates, such as the UK and Northern Europe etc., then additionally the aircrew would wear an immersion suit. This was a baggy waterproof oversuit and was usually a dark grey colour. It had a large zip fastener which went from the shoulder all the way across the front of the body down towards the opposite hip. The lifejacket would then be worn over that.

The helmets worn during the era of the Sea Venom were initially a silver colour and then progressed to white helmets

I found the attached photo which shows Gannet and Sea King crews preparing for flight (it is possible that the pilot facing left could be Bucc or Vixen crew). Their dress is much the same as the Sea Venom crews except that the guys in this photo also have a dinghy pack attached, in case of ditching.

Note also that the flying boots worn could either be black or light tan.




Early silver helmet



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