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American Volunteer Group P-40 Tomahawk colours?


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RAFTomahawkCockpit_zpsuthzybdy.jpgHello all

A few years back I got know one of the major P40 /Tomahawks rebuilder and got to go through his recovered parts pile.(Two cargo containers worth of recovered parts and skins. Photos above are some of the parts that we pulled out into the sunlight so I could photograph)


 So I did get to see in person the skins of one of the Tomahawks, recovered from Russia some years back. It was in the Curtiss applied "RAF paint". I also got small samples of the skins in the Dark Earth, Dark Green and, Sky ...


Bottom line.. in person ...to me.. the underside color on a large surface clearly looks like the du pont sky color with the green tinge to it

( That's allowing for the sky color was quite oxidize so much so that it was rubbing off on my jeans and I came home with du pont sky all over my pants...so from first hand knowledge including trying to wash that paint out of my pants ...it not straight gray it does have a green to it ;)



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