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Balrog of Moria; Durin's Bane

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Hi there,

I was given the Games Workshop's Balrog and as it looked rather easy to build I decided to then do just that. Building it was a snap. Very few parts but the fit could be better. Lots of little and big gaps to fill but after copious amounts of CA the thing was ready for a gentle wash and primer. It was then sprayed completely black (including the base) with Motip High Gloss Black (which I had left over from another project). This was done to get the thing black as a base coat.

Then it was off to the detailing. Holy crap this thing has lots of "veins". The initial idea was an orange/red wash which was then supposed to be raised up with tiny amounts of yellow. This worked only partially cause I had to redo the black "scales" Turned out pretty OK though.

The fire was a whole other matter. They were all black (perhaps a bad idea from the start) so I had to build up the yellow with a few coats. Then the red and orange was applied while keeping the whole thing pretty wet (I use Revell Aqua) to get the gradual effect between colours in flames. I'm VERY happy with how the flames turned out.

The whip is custom built from a piece of multi-meter cord which I stripped the isolation from, then soldered the whole length to get it some stiffness. The end of the thing was unfurled to get the whip the "many pronged" look. More soldering to get the end bit stiff but that was pretty easy although time consuming. The flames on the whip are from the original whip (which was very short and a Balrog unworthy and looked nothing like the one in the movie) and the optional sword. They were filed down to make em flatter, then scribed to give them depth detail. Painting was pretty much the same as the flames on the back of the beast and the ones on the floor. The whip is actually pretty pose-able but that should be avoided due to paint cracking. After some experimentation I think I now have a pose I'm happy with.

I wanted the mouth to look like a really white hot pit of hell so I did the same process as the flames but reversed and instead of ending up with yellow I ended up with white paint. Again something I'm quite pleased with.

The horns are made dark grey, the nails and teeth are iron coloured to break up the black a little bit. The base is coated in several sorts of grey to get some distinction between the different stones. The skull (yes... there is a skull there) was done with some beige colour, the shield got some iron and brass-like look.

All in all it was a pretty easy kit bu the painting of the many details was rather time consuming. I am however VERY pleased with how it came out. It will be sent to an ex-girlfriend of mine who is a total nut for LOTR so this beast should find a happy home there.

Some pics below :)

Comments welcome











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:wow: That looks very big!!!! You´ve done a grand job on it!! :thumbsup:

Thank you very much :) I agree that it looks pretty big but besides the whip it's not an unusually large model. The last pic in the very bottom left of the pic you can just see my LOTR ring on my finger for reference. I'm actually thinking that my ex can wait before she gets this one :P It'll be displayed in-house for a while :D

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