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Opel Omnibus, 3.6-47


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Opal 3.6-47 Omnibus

1:72 injection moulded kit from Roden


The Opal Omnibus was developed form the chassis and running gear of the very popular Opal Blitz light truck, and was produced between 1939 and 1943 at the Ludewig plant in the city of Essen, with over 3000 being built. The bus was mainly used as a staff bus, but many were built or converted to VIP transport, ambulances, radio stations to name a few.


The kit has been designed with the truck chassis, engine and running gear on its own sprue; I presume this will allow different versions on the Blitz chassis to be tooled. The parts are very nice, with both engraved and raised detail. The louvers on the sides of the bonnet are very well done in this small scale, there is a very small amount of flash on the prop-shaft and the exhaust and care will be needed not to break the delicate parts, other than that it’s clean.


This sprue contains the bus body, including the floor, all very nicely done with fine raised panel lines. The window pillars are very delicate along with the top rail on both sides, Roden has 7 attachments to the sprue along this delicate part, so take extra care! There is a clear piece of plastic with the windows printed on for you to cut out carefully and use.


The final 4 sprues are the wheels, suspension and seats for the model. Again there is no flash on any of the parts and the detail is very nice and in scale.


There is a small sheet of photo-etch that includes the roof rack, access ladder, and wing mirrors. They will need care with the bending but the instructions are clear.

The decals have options for 2 vehicles, an African Corps, circa 1942, or an unknown medical unit vehicle form the Weston Front, circa 1944. They are well printed on the review sample.


I like this kit, it has some nice detail, and it is good to see a bus done! The way Roden have moulded this gives the option for more Opal Blitz trucks, and versions put on the chassis.

Review sample courtesy of


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