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Scratch builders, do you need plans?

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I am a chief officer in the merchant navy. I work on aggregate dredgers and have some original general arrangment plans at home for some of the ships I have sailed on. GAplans are usaully 1:100

If anyone wants an interesting project I am happy to get the plans copied and send some photos of the ships for the cost to me.

The only real bug bear is getting the plans copied so I will have to fnd someone with a very big photocopier!

The ships I have good details of:

Arco Adur (sister ships Arco Axe, Arco Avon, Arco Arun, Britannia Beaver) 1987-1988 Appledore Ferguson North Devon.


Sand Falcon (sister Sand Fulmar) 1997- 1998 IHC DeMerwerde Hardinxveld Holland


Sand Weaver (similar but not a true sister to the Sand Wader) 1975 Ferguson Brothers Clyde.


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I like the look of the first ship, Arco Adur, Im sure I have seen it her, or a sister by Felixstowe while sailing. Could I grab some plans, I also have experiance in getting big plans copied I found a local Print shop that copied plans for me that where 1.2m wide, by 1.8m long!

I googled print shops with my postcode to find one.

PM me when you get some ideas on price.

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