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Paul A H

Yakovlev Yak-3 COMBO (two kits)

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Yakovlev Yak-3 COMBO (two kits)

1:72 Hasegawa


The Yakovlev Yak-3 was a compact, robust and in many ways simple fighter aircraft developed alongside the heavier Yak-1 and first flown in April 1941. The Yak-3 possessed excellent performance thanks to its high power to weight ratio and was extremely popular with both aircrew and ground crew. The Yak-3 was famously used by a number of high-scoring aces, including Marcel Albert of the Normandie-Niemen squadron, who regarded the aircraft as superior to both the P-51 Mustang and the Supermarine Spitfire.

This is another release in Hasegawa’s combo series, which in this case features two copies of the Yak-3 kit and marking options for three aircraft, all of the Normandie-Niemen squadron. Just like the real aircraft, Hasegawa’s Yak-3 is a fairly simple kit with each being comprised of just 38 parts. Despite this, the it is pretty refined and features clean moulding and fine, engraved panel lines. There is a very small amount of flash here and there and a small sink mark under the port wing, but nothing too serious.




The cockpit is a simple affair comprised of a floor, side consoles, rudder pedals and seat pan all moulded in one piece. Onto this are added a seat back, control column and instrument panel. The instrument panel has no detail moulded in but a decal is supplied instead. The rest of the kit looks very straightforward in terms of construction. The radiator/oil cooler features a separate, and therefore poseable, vent and two canopies are provided; a one-piece version and a three-piece version that can be posed in the open position.


Three colour options are provided, albeit for three very similar machines belonging to the Normandie-Niemen squadron that saw action on the Eastern Front. The aircraft depicted are those flown by Captain Rene Challe, Lieutenant Roger Sauvage and Colonel Louis Delfino and all are finished in a two-tone grey camouflage with light blue undersides and red, white and blue propeller spinners. The decals are nicely printed but look a little thick and so may benefit from a healthy slosh of decal setting solution.


Hasegawa’s rendition of this diminutive but attractive aircraft is simple but decent. Although the marking options provided are a bit ‘samey’, they are still nice choices and you can always resort to aftermarket options if you so wish.

Review sample courtesy of logo.jpg UK distributors for logo.jpg

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