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Sky Kings Concorde

At Sea

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A friend of mine was having a clear out and gave me a model aeroplane as he knew I build. So it arrives, a 1975 dated Concorde in the airfix skykings range.

Now,I think it is a very special thing as it has survived so long and was happy to have the kit just as a 'nice thing' but recently I have been thinking of building it.

a Should I build it, or leave well alone as it a rare artifact to be preserved for time immemorial. ie keep the kit and buy another Concorde to build.

b If I did build it are the yellowed decals just going to fall apart and make a mess as they are older than I am!

Thanks for your thoughts.

If anyone here collects unbuilt kits then I would be up for a trade for something buildable if my Concorde is geninely very rare and collectable.


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If your a builder then make it one day and purchase some aftermarket decals - Two Six or F Decal

One advantage of an early kit release is that it will be crisp and flash free. For example I picked up the latest boxing of Airfix's Vulcan today and it's infected with flash. I have an original 1983 release which has no such problem.

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