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Harrier GR5

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Hi all,

After completing my first entry (I will add pics to gallery eventually!) I'm planning a second!

I probably won't start immediately but I thought I'd post now to pick the brains of the harrier experts out there before I start, try to avoid any mistakes, learnt from last time!

As a base kit I'll be using the fantastic new airfix GR7/9 kit





I've got the airwaves PE set, mainly for the instrument panel, but I'll probably use the seat belts to jazz up the kit seat a bit, maybe the aerials etc too.


You can also hopefully make out the nose from the old airfix kit, which I'll graft on. Not looking forward to cutting up this kit it's so nice!

Decals are from Flightdec, never used them before..hope they're ok!


As I said I need a few pointers before I start, I know I need to change the nose, which I've got covered. I've got a new IP, from PE set, ar there any other changes I need to make to represent a GR5? I've read somewhere that the wing tip antenna fit was different, but I can't find any pics to confirm.

Colour is the other sticking point, decal instructions suggest it was a one off mix of roundel blue darkened with black but any out the bottle suggestions welcome!

Wish me luck!


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Funnily enough, I've done likewise and got all the above stuff to do the exact same project too, except using the quickboost resin nose. If you can get them, I'd recommend 2 books, Harrier Inside and Out and Aeroguide 26 Harrier GR5 & GR7. Using these 2 resources, I'm inclined to say the wing tip antennae fit is the same throughout the GR5-9, whereas the antennae fit on the rear ventral fin does change. The top sensor changes from a square-ish looking one on the GR5 to a rounded one on the GR7/9.

P28-29 of the Aeroguide have a little section ZD402 and the Pegasus 11-61 as well as a B&W image of the plane which seems to indicate an eggshell finish to the airframe and overall it looking very clean.

Hope this helps,


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Harry pretty much nails it, the differences are pretty minor - the other one that springs to mind is the GR5 would have had the small 'hole' in the wing/fuselage joint for the fire extinguisher that was replaced by the 'frog eyes' on the aircraft with the 100% LERX and on the GR9s.

There was one other change to the GR9 that involved a small vent but I can't remember what that was now and it was so minor no one would notice!

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Thanks guys!

I've got the inside and out book, I'll keep an eyeout for the aeroguide.

I need to double check but I assume the fire access holes are covered on the 65% LREX, the new kit has both!


I think Airfix has left them off because the kit is based on the GR9, and they were covered on the 65% LERX GR9s (or they might have used a decal for the GR7 - I haven't got the kit yet!!)

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I've seen a few photos of GR5s which appear (I say appear because the angle or size of shot does not allow 100% verification) to show that they carried the squarish and round rear ventral fin antenna at some point in time - though when any change took place I have no idea, nor whether any difference is related to production batches (research for a rainy day) or was changed between individual aircraft. No doubt wiser folk than me can explain.

For example, compare this ... GR5 with round and this another with this GR5 "square" and another.

The drawings in the SAM publications RAF Harrier guide show a change in the wing tips as mentioned, but I don't have enough photos with same view to be able to illustrate.

No doubt I've confused as ever.

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Good morning BMers!

With the Tornado STGB drawing to a close, and my entries just about done, I cracked on last night with this!

The kit is fantastic and falls together.


Still needs a nose job, but I'm waiting for the nose to arrive!



All the main subassemblies built up.


GR5 style IP from the airwaves set, had to mod the shape slightly to fit. I've stuck it over a decal, from the old airfix GR5 kit, on plasticard backing but only the rolling map and HDD really lined up!


Kit seat plus the PE belts from the set, not a bad representation I think!

One thing I did notice is there's no GPS antenna on the spine, not that that's an issue for this build but worth noting if your building a later airframe.

On the subject of the fire access vents, airfix offer both LERX and you have to cut out slots to fit the frog eyes (could this point to a GR5 boxing at some point, or am I just hoping...). If I can find some decent pics I'll drill out the vents, are they in the same place as the first gen harriers?

After looking at Mark's build I've gone for the quickboost nose too, as the airfix one has no detail and is the wrong shape!

More progress soon!


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Thanks gents,

More progress thanks to the good old British summer bank holiday weather!


Airframe is pretty much complete, just waiting for the nose to arrive now!

I had a bit of trouble with the fit around the LREX. I think it was my fault, I fitted the fan assembly and closed up the 2 halves around it. I think I should have left the top parts unglued until I fitted the wing/LREX assembly. Oh well I'll remember for next time!

All the other subassemblies are built up, hopefully the nose will arrive tuesday.


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Ok nose has arrived! As Mark pointed out in his build it needs a little filler to blend it in as it's designed for the Has kit.

No pics, sorry I forgot to take any!

I'm starting to feel the pressure now as I still have a few small details to add, plus a general tidy, polish and wash before primer! We've got a house guest this weekend so I get turfed out my modeling room! So not much modeling time left before deadline.

I should still get there.


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Ok primed yesterday, painted today!


Same as Bill I've used Tamyia Royal Blue, which went on lovely, bar the odd splatter as my airbrush clogged towards the end. Think it must be the warm weather!!

I've painted all the 'bits' as well so tomorrow I hope to gloss coat.

I'm right up against it for time now, as I said I've been evicted from my modeling room this tonight, plus rugby season starts Sunday, might Northampton Saints vs Gloucester. SWMBO graduation Thursday so kicked out of spare room again while her parents stay!

Not too much left to do but it's the waiting for coats to dry etc that might do for me!

On a positive I had an idea to use white decal strip for the pin stripe on the wings, as Bill kindly pointed out the decals look odd compared to the paint. Ordered some from fantasy print shop yesterday AM they arrived today! Great service!

Updates may be sporatdic as got to get on!


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Ok another quick update!

Decals on


Photo is terrible, but it's my phone and it was dark!

I'm still hoping it'll be done in time, might have to cut a few corners as I'd like to add some weathering rather than showing it pristine, as when do you ever get a clean harrier!!

Really annoyingly I've sone how lost one of the front cold nozzles!! So I've had to take the ones from an old GR5 kit!! There not as nice but they'll have to do!


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Sorry gents but I'm just not going to make it by Midnight tonight!

I'm so close, just a few more bits and touch ups and it's there but I've not had the time today to get it done!

It'll be in RFI tomorrow for what that's worth!

Still I got one Harrier in the hanger and it's been an enjoyable GB thanks.


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