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[Tamiya 1/48] Aichi M6A1 Seiran


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I just had a look on the P-38.

For the dio, You already acknowledged it from the begining, so no surprise here.

Two, and certainly three?

That's already two more than me!

And you should have a special mention for this try!

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I'm sorry Don, I'm in a bit of a hurry, I didn't take time to translate my original French topic on this one.

It's an old armour painting technique, not mine specificaly.

Differents oil colours, a brush to apply randomly some spot of each color on the area you want to fade, then use a wide flat brush soaked (Not to much in turpentine to blend all the spots. Use the brush downward only, always the same, and wipe it with a rag from time to time.

You can also have a look here.

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Every part are glued

Not too easy to glue the floats, especially the one with the ballast.

I should have used the trolley to help in keeping the good position while the glue was drying.

Still to do:

- A few paint touches here and there.

- Matt varnish

- Finish the trolley

- And also the bomb!

But for now, the whole thing is drying, and I'll give it a good polish tomorrow.



Trolley is ready for paint.


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Okay, I consider it finished.

I'll post some pics soon, lattely in the afternoon, as the sun might show up (Its a bit cloudy for the moment).

I hope you won't mind, as I still have to finish the trolley (No way I can finish it today), and bomb up the aircraft.

Mish, please let me know if there's a problem with that.

Most of the build passed without problem, but there were a few in the end, more of it latter.

Edited by Antoine
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Here are the first pics, others will follow covering the details

Quite happy to have finished (in time), but not too much, as I've made some little errors, that a better planning would have helped to avoid.

I should have treated the floats appart till the very end. ne of them is heavily ballasted, and its weight is annoying during the finishing touches, without speaking of of correctly varnishing all the surfaces. It nearly broke several time, and now its moving a bit, I'll have to repair that.

Once the masks were removed from the canopy, they left somes traces, glue or something. Not really visible on the pics, but there they are. Cotton bud, rag, they're impossible to remove, and at the same time I don't want to ruin everything.

But here are the pics.




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Bravo Antoine! Avec seulement quelques heures restantes, vous avez produit une attention aux détails gem.Your est très bonne. J'admire votre marquages ​​peints. Ils sont très supérieurs aux décalcomanies. Votre intempéries est très intelligent, surtout sur ​​les flotteurs. Le déchiquetage est peut-être un domaine qui ne convainc pas l'œil, mais le reste est excellent.

Peut-être que les marques sur la canopée ne sont pas des résidus. A le ruban de masquage endommagé la surface elle-même ou enlevé le Klear? Dans ce cas, vous pourriez être en mesure de le réparer avec une couche de Klear. Bonne chance.

Merci de continuer l'histoire pour nous. J'ai apprécié la lecture et j'ai beaucoup appris.

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One last suggestion for the canopy problem. A wooden cocktail stick sharpened to a chisel edge might remove that residue without harming the plastic.

p.s. Credit for the the French translation goes to Google, not me. ;)

I'm reaaly disapointed, Don, I really thought you wrote it on your own...


About the cocktail stick tip, I don't think it would work as a cotton bud soaked in windex didn't do the trick. It seems that there are small scratches, and I don't know how they were made.

I'll try to live with that.

One thing for sure, I deeply regret the absence of klir.

I've also a bunch of lifecolor paint, and I used to dilute them with klir back in France, it was fantastic.

But here, it's most difficult to use them, even with the lifecolor dilutant.

Very nice Antoine! A great subject and a great build


Many thanks for your nice comment, Andy.

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