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[Tamiya 1/48] Aichi M6A1 Seiran


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A first coat of paint for the greenhouse interior, and also to make sure about the quality of the greenhouse/fuselage joint.

An important point I think.

I'm surprised that you fix canopies with CA. Especially since you haven't protected them with Klear. I wouldn't take the risk of fogging (again!).

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The result.

I'm not completely satisfied for some reasons.

- Those aircraft were not used for a very long time, and were quite new, so the metal weathering on the wings and fuselage sides is too much in my opinion. And not so well placed also.

- On the wings, the hinomarus are ok (about), but I should have been more careful on the fuselage. Still, in perspective and not from close-up, it looks quite nice.


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It's time to have a try with this tamiya panel line accent color

The tools, rag, dilutant, cotton bud, everything's there.

Before, I've varnished the aircraft, taking care to let it dry completely.

Take care also to shake the bottle before application.

It's very precise, thanks to the brush inside the cap.

Just a little drop on each panel corner, and the liquid run in every line!

The result is fine with me, really.

Wait till it's dry, then wipe smoothly with the rag a bit soaked in X20.

I've also tried on the floats, that weren't varnished yet, and the result is fine there too.

The tools


The result. Not really obvious on this picture, because of the deep green and poor light.


Much better here, no?


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I think this is developing well.

I agree with you that there's something not quite right about the metal bits though. I think it's the shapes of the silver areas that are at fault. I've seen photos of Japanese a/c with that kind of paint failure, peeling off in scabs, but it's been over the whole of the airframe; maybe caused by poor materials or painting techniques. Localised erosion in heavily trafficked areas seems to be mote 'scratchy' and more directly related to panel lines and other structural elements. What do you think?

I like the rest of the painting though. Sure, there are some irregularities, but for me this adds interest and seems very plausible. I think we have been accustomed to using 'perfect' decals and relying on 'perfect' profile drawings for so long that we are have become unable to see the reality of wartime aircraft, thrown together in a hurry and lacking much in the way of maintenance. I periodically refreah myself by studying those rare colour pics of the incredibly scruffy and battered WWII 'planes.

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What do you think?

You're perfectly right, Don.

I'll add a few few more scratch with micropainting on certain panels, but I'll keep it soft.

And that'll be all, I think.

It's time to finish.

Thanks for your comments.

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