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[Tamiya 1/48] Aichi M6A1 Seiran


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Fingers out, if I want to finish in time!

Masking. Can't say that I like it, but at least better than decaling.

I start with the leading edges.

Tools, tamiya tape (Tokyo tape? B), knife with a new blade, and the cutting mat.

Just before, I've cleaned the surfaces with a clean rag.

I apply the tape, then rub it smoothly with a rag and a cotton bud.


Same operation with the floats. The red band is 6mm wide, same as the tape.


And last, the tailplane.


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After too much time trying to get some descent seat with harness and buckles, I did manage to put the lot in the pit.

Took somes pics of the seats alone, but I accidentaly deleted them...

So, just two pics of the cockpit (One of really below average quality), before closing and masking the greenhouse.

Sprayed also a small coat of dark green 2 IJN on the upper cowling.



I've also painted the prop. It's in need now of a bit of weathering.

XF9 for the spinner, and I took some artistic license painting the screwblades flat black, to accentuate contrasts.


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Last pics for today.

The upper hinomarus are lined with a white disc, so I was not sure to paint them with masks.

But in the end, it 'll not give me much more work, so off we go.

So first, a good coat of XF7, well diluted, then hand paint wide the hinomaru places.


Next time, polish, then a second well diluted coat, before cutting the masks.

I'll have also to mask the greenhouse... With M. Eduard's help.

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Starting to get colourful now Antoine :goodjob: Watching your progress with interest as I'm planning to spray all the markings on my Ki-61 using similar methods.

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After a bit of reflexion, I choose X7 gloss in place of the XF for the hinomarus.

I've also painted the position lights in green and red.

Used the rest of paint in the airbrush to continue preshading, but I've nearly blown some very diluted paint under one of the leading edges masks...

Some corrections will certainly be needed once the mask will be down.

More masking next.



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Two coats of white, not too diluted, so that it'll not flow under the mask.


Otherwise, big problem, as I've lost my iwata needle.

I've removed it last week for an overall cleaning, and...I can't remember where I put it to dry...

Worse, I've found on the floor a little piece of metal, about 5mm long, with a diameter that fits a needle...


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After solving the needle issue, off to masking again, greenhouse this time.

First, cleaning the greenhouse (no dip in klir, I haven't got any here), and then gluing with CA, taking care of avoiding the fogging effect.


Masking is long and boring.

So to change my mind, I build the chariot (?).

It'll be done quickly, and I'll then have some try at wood effect with the painting.


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A bit of work on the small parts, while still masking at the same time.

Flaps, in two parts.


The radio mast, where I glued a lenght of fishing line.


Drilling a hole on the tailplane for the other end of the radio wire.

Tamiya don't even mention it on the instructions, but the wire is apparent on the boxart.


Masking finished!!


A first coat of paint for the greenhouse interior, and also to make sure about the quality of the greenhouse/fuselage joint.


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