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[Tamiya 1/48] Aichi M6A1 Seiran


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I've tried to improve the look of the exhaust pipes, hollowing them. Not really easy, and I'm wondering if the result is worth the effort...


Next, I'd brushed them using XF9 hull red, with a drybrush/swab with X10 gun metal.


To prepare for the radiator fitting, I've brushed the underside of the cowling with XF12 JN grey, that I'll use for the aircraft's underside. The radiator itself is painted aluminium, with a dark brown wash. everything will be nearly hidden when the cowling will be in place.


As there was some XF9 left in the airbrush, I've started the pre-shading. I'll have a try a multi-tone preshading, like Ian did on his Ki-84.


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Hello Cliff,

Impressive, but ... Easy!

First, a good worker works with good tools. I'm no good worker, but I have good tools!

So I use my trusted Iwata CM-B, with a 0,18 mm nozzle.

And then, I use a post-it block (the whole block), to serve as a guide for the airbrush, the airbrush nose gliding on the edge of the block.

Going back and forth to one wing and the other, the paint has time to dry.

But it work only on the wings, as it's more difficult on the rounded fuselage.

Sorry for my mistake English, but I'm lacking vocabulary, and I'm not sure to be understood (I should open a special thread to learn specific english modelling words ).

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  • 2 months later...

Nearly three month that I didn't put my hand on it.

Better pull my fingers out if I want to finish in time.

Only some small progress, but I'll soon start painting

The pit was nearly finished, with a few bits ready to be glued, but I still have to make some harness for both crew members.

Electric wire, some lead foil, et voila!

The buckle's shape is the most simple, but I' don't feel like I could make it better, I really can't. Maybe just add another strap? i mean something to tighten the harness.


Looking at the last small parts to put in place, I came upon the flaps, and saw that.

I'll have to bring on the putty, and so why not try light curring putty?




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Very hard to find cyano here in Taiwan, but in general, kits and materials are about half to two third the price compared to France.

I'm sure you could get a friend to send you some in a care package. Keep up the good work :)

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I'll try to paint as many markings as I can.

I start with the yellow/orange leading edges. Do not forget the propeller tips on the front side only.

As I'm a world champion in planification, it was only when I wanted to start painting that I found out I didn't have the right colours...

But after a while, I did found some, but in enamel. No problem. 10 measures of yellow, for one red.

And here's the result. Maybe a little bit too yellow, but nothing to worry about. We'll see after the (soft) weathering.


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Continuation with painting and masking markings.

This time, no error, as I'm willing to use the XF2 white enamel tamiya, as I found it to have more covering power than the acrylic of the same brand.

And while I was at it, I also used the red.

So white at first for the tailplane. There are many small white lines painted at different angles. It seems to me that their purpose was to provide the TAG/observer/navigator with a mean to appreciate the drift of the aircraft on it's course.


Then, on the floats, some white markings (To help place the aircraft on it chariot), then some red as warning sign for the propeller.


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