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Well, if you can't wait, I have to post at least a picture !

For some reason the canopy glue didn't work well and when I removed the masking the canopy detached too. Strange and annoying, but no big deal. Now it's just on the model for the picture, I'll glue it again at the very end of the build.

The decals worked pretty well and the carrier film disappeared completely. Of course they are not as thin as more modern decals but look good on the model. The only problem I had )and only realised when the decals were on) is that two of the roundels show some wear on the blue. The stupid thing is that some of those that I did not use were fine, I should have chosen them better ! The modeldecal sheet is great in terms of stencils and roundels: complete stencils and roundels for 3 grey hawks and complete stencils for 1 in the trainer scheme.

Only things missing now are the pitot tube, the antennas and the exhaust. This has been made from a drinking straw as the original in the kit has no depth and does not look right. I should complete this before taking some well deserved holiday next week....

well it looks great worht the wait

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The little Hawk is almost finished ! Almost as there are just a couple of small details to add, mainly the navigation lights.

The exhauast has been added from a section of drinking straw and the pitot tube is a needle cut to length. The airfix part was really horrible, a constant section length of plastic not parttcularly round... I also opened the APU exhaust behind the canopy ( I had actually opened it before panting, it looked closed as it was masked with some white glue.

As the Hawk was progressing nicely enough, saturday I decided for some reason to make a small base for it. I never add bases to my kits and only ever built a couple in my life, but I thought it wold be good to have one to represent the models should I bring them to shows. So it was that I found a piece of grey cardboard and using a few pictures of Valley and other RAF airfields I tried to reproduce a typical section of apron, athough I believe that the yellow marked area should in reality be farther from the plane. Anywa, making the basewas very easy: just take the grey cardboard, spray a clear coat to protect it from water based paint, etch the lines betwen concrete slabs with a steel point, use oil paints to define the lines, paint with a marker the yellow lines and add dirt.

Here are the Hawk and the base as they were yesterday morning.






Some improvement on the base has been done now, mainly improving the look of the pavement. The water drainage pit is particularly bad in these pictures and I did something to improve it. I still think it came out too big, yet it's one of those details that IMHO make the pavement more interesting. Unfortunately I now realise that something should be added, like a ladder or some tools to fill the scene.

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And this one is completed ! Not really how I wanted initially, as in the end I never attached any load to the pylons, but as I'm managing to do very little at my hobby table recently (kind of lost my mojo again..) I'm happy enough at the moment. Unfortunately the canopy detached again, so in some picsit does not look great... What has changed compared to the previous pictures ? Very little, I just added various lights using my favourite method to do lights when I don't want to carve them from clear sprue: paint the area silver and pass over with a permanent (non paint) marker !

Here is XX289 in all its glory:



And on the base I prepared for it:





Did I enjoy this build ? Yes and no. Had some small problems of my own making and the fit of the airfix kit is not great in places. I also discovered a lot of smal inaccuracies in this kit that a serious Hawk enthusiast would want to correct. Still, it was good fun and I like the result. I'm planning a build of another Hawk in the future (XX249 in 4 FTS 70th anniversary markings) and wil be done from the same kit. I'll do on that one all the corrections that I learnt of building this kit.

Thanks to all for the comments !

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