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OK, three days to go and I'm in!

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I really should not have left this as late as this, but better late than never!

Anyway, I'd like to join the group build with this little beauty from Revell. For me it's the wrong scale and possibly the wrong subject, so that makes it a perfect candidate for the OOB group build.

For this group build I am staying strictly within what I believe to be OOB, that is nothing that did not come in the box goes on the final model. This is truly an OOB model. I decided to do the Swiss option rather than the Red Arrows one and so without further ado, here's the first day's progress starting with the standard box and sprue shots.



The seats were started first followed by the cockpit, all of which took about two hours to do.





Once the cockpit was sandwiched between the two fuselage halves, the aircraft soon began to take shape.






And that's where I'm at tonight. The kit is actually very well detailed for a 1/72nd model but the eyesight just cannot cope with this scale anymore! I'll hopefully get more done tomorrow.

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Hi Guys!

Well, it probably was a bit ambitious but I did not bank on getting called out on standby today for an eleven hour duty! So, there is just not enough time left in the day to finish this little peach of a kit. I'm away for a few days but will finish her and she'll be up for inspection and critical comments in the Ready for Inspection forum.

I'll have to learn to be less ambitious!

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10 out of 10 for effort, i got caught out with work yesterday so have had a last minute decalling session to get mine done by the eleventh hour, looking forward to seeing this one finished. The hawk is my next project in that GB



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