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RAF What If Concorde and Luftwaffe Fieseler Storch

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Hi All

Thought Id show you my latest creations - well, theyre not completely done by me. These kits were very kindly sent to me from the Modelmaker all ready assembled, and I decided I could use them to test some painting skills and schemes.

Firstly is the Concorde: This 1/144th Airfix (?) Concorde was subject to my recent thoughts of what a Concorde would look like in Military service. At first I thought a nice Overall White scheme would be best, but that wouldnt have been much fun seeing as it was already white, so on goes a improvised RAF Camo! The markings from a Lightning and a Phantom, with the serial number from a Canberra - accuracy? NAA! :D




Next is what I assume is a 1/48th scale (?) Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - no idea what company made it. Decided to just go for a nice desert scheme seeing as there was already a nice coat of blue on the undersides. One successful accident about this kit was the white paint I put on the rudder, wings and fuselage band. It turned out very clumpy so I decided to sand it off, however this gave a very interesting and realistic weathering look so I decided to keep it like that. One accident that wasnt so successful though was snapping the same wing :unsure: ......twice :doh: ........whoops....




Lastly, heres one of them together


Any comments welcome!

And thanks again to Modelmaker for giving me this opportunity! :D

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Would of been good to see a miltary Concorde in service, although, not sure what tax we would of been paying if they did !!!!!

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Thanks for the comments! :D

As with the RAF Concorde, it certaintly would have made a good flypast! Im planning to build a TSR 2 in that sort of paint scheme later

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