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Afghanistan street scene 1/35

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after a long gap of 20 years slowly getting back into modelling, i used to do ww2 stuff but im liking the look of more modern dioramas with lots of companys releasing newer stuff

anyway here is what im basing the diorama on


well the very left hand corner

im trying to this on the cheap!! so a scratch build

so far the base has been cut to size and shaped and given a coating of plastic padding which will need a quick sand before i apply jointing plaster,also one doorway cut out now i just need to shape the wall and add another doorway.also the render has been removed to suit

the base and wall is 300mm plastic soffit board which is strong but quite soft underneath

th_548233514_P3020032_122_3lo.JPG th_482364470_P3020031_122_137lo.JPG

the wall is not fixed yet just testing!

the double door is made and finished

matchsticks,cardboard and wire for the handles which need a bit of tidying around


no vehicles to be added just a simple street scene, so i have asked for these for my birthday

th_482789559_f35003_1_122_252lo.jpg th_482791736_2152_122_64lo.jpg

its different and im enjoying it

will update as i progress

thanks for looking

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did a bit more this evening

cut the wall to shape and made the second door, again match sticks and cardboard with wire for the door handles.

its taking shape slowly

th_744069332_P3070033_122_344lo.JPG th_744089970_P3070031_122_347lo.JPG

hopefully tomorrow will apply the plaster

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  • 2 weeks later...

well finally an update!!!

got the figures yesterday

my gf got me the Black Dog US Special Forces,but unfortunately i never received the afghanistan women set as my brother never got the email! oh well

the black dog figures are very detailed but a bit of flash and some air holes are evident but nothing major,also the weapons are very fragile.

these are the first figures i have painted in 20 years and as they are special forces anything goes 'uniform' wise





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