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ICM 1/350 Grosser Kurfurst


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Here's a few shots of my current project. I'm using the Tom's p/e set, along with BMK brass barrels.

Forward structure finished:


Aft structure almost finished:


Test fitting the main parts:


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I have this model and it will be my next project. I bought the WEM PE set for it. I'm thinking of doing it in it's pre-Jutland fit which means fitting the torpedo netting support structure. The PE set has well over 100 parts for the netting structure and davits which is a bit insane to attempt as this will only be my second ship. Oh, well, nothing ventured....

Can I ask you what paints you are using?

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I still have to figure out how to mount the anti-torpedo netting, but other then that, she's done!


Moltke, she's painted with MM paints for the hull and main deck and Humbrol paints for the turret tops and upper decks.

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You have done a wonderful job here on the SMS Grosser Kurfurst and it's certainly a model battleship to be proud of ! I have the 1/350 Konig kit, but it's still in the box, patiently awaiting me !

I will certainly look over the pictures of this fine build to get some ideas of how a dreadnought model should be properly put together and detailed, although I am definitely not in this superb class of kit-builders as demonstrated here.


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