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RAF Harrier GR.7

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This is my second entry in the Harrier GB.


My intention is to finish her as an “Artic GR.7” like this, in RAF 1(F) or IV(AC) squadron markings.

Let see what we get with this kit, starting from the nose section:


On the port side I have to delete the panel that is only on the PLUS version.

Than I have to flat and rescribe the raised square panel.

The FLIR bulge seems to be a little bit too fat on top. And also there is a hole (?!?!) in front of the FLIR instead of the circular sensor. The raised panel around the FLIR must be flatted and rescribed.



On the under surface of the nose we have a RCV nozzle but the kit miss the little bulged-squred panel ahead of the nozzle.


The ECM Zeus’s antennas are a far representation of the real one.




On the starboard side I have to flat and rescribe the raised square panel. I’ll open the three access steps.

The square panel on the starboard nose cone must be rescribed smaller than the one on the port side.




Going on the port side of fuselage, I’ll detail the circular panel for the fuel access point.


Further back on the fuselage, I’ll have to rescribed smaller the power access panel. Note also the fairing at the end of the wing’s attachment point going over the big rectangular panel to access the avionic bay. This is wrong.


The rear section of the fuselage has an almost correct RAF’s GR.7/9 fitting, with MAWS tail cone and RWR/ECM’s antennas. Trumpeter removed the chaff launchers on the sides of the ventral fin (thanks).

Unlike Trumpeter doesn’t add the new ventral chaff&flares box launcher after the ventral airbrake.


On the starboard side of the fuselage I have to delete many panel lines…



Over and under the wings, I have to delete and rescribe all the panel lines because are not correct in shape and size. The squared GPS antennas on top must be delete and replaced with a circular one (the GPS system was a mid-life fitting of the GR.7s fleet).




The extra wing pylon for the AIM-9Ms are too fat on top and wrong shaped at the back.


The ADEN cannon pods are basic but can be easy detailed.



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Ventral LID’s strakes has wrong shaped and poor detailed. I already reworked the pair for my USMC’s AV-8B.




After all above, we still miss the following that must be added from scratch or aftermarket:

  • a Martin Baker MK.12 ejection seat;
  • a wing with “big” 100% LERX to be used with decals (on the sheet) for the ZG512 machine;
  • a pair of “frog eye” air scoop for the 100% LERX and also fitted to GR.7A/GR9;
  • a ventral central line pylon;
  • a ventral adapter pylon for target designation pods as TIALD/Sniper;
  • a decal sheet with correct markings, stencils, roundels… all in correct colors too;
  • specific RAF weapon loads as BOL launchers, 1000 lbs CPU123 LGB s, BL755 cluster bombs, HE 1000lbs retarded bombs…
  • (…)

Actually I’m scratch building the ventral central line pylon and the adapter pylon for TIALD pod, that should be finished in a couple of days.



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very interested in this, its way out my price range, but i so want to do a decent 32nd kit, but still needs things like this, where you have to know and get references to change things...i know naff all about a harrier really, but its my type of building a kit

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a little-big update on the GR.7.

I finished the ventral pylon adapter for the target designation pod:




I used the port strake as base, reshaped and detailed with plasticard. Its important to note that the pylon adapter is perpendicular to the ground instead of being angled as for the strake.

Here you can see the pylon adapter dry-fitted for test to the AV-8B fuselage together with the center line pylon:





Here the pylon adapter dry-fitted for test with resin TIALD pod from Flightpath:






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Fantastic work so far Piero, keep up the excellent work!


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Great work on the Pylons, have you considered making resin copys?

I'm going to watch this thread closely, I'm thinking of getting the 1/32nd GR7 kit but it will be intresting to see how much work you have to do to make the model better :popcorn:


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Hi Piero,

Don't know if it's slipped uner the wire but you'll need to modify the front RCV opening too - 2 photos on way to home e-mail; they're big - 5MB.



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Hi Piero,

Don't know if it's slipped uner the wire but you'll need to modify the front RCV opening too - 2 photos on way to home e-mail; they're big - 5MB.



Hi Nick,

thank you... yeah, I know, all the RCVs needs to be reworked.

Actually I'm making all the stuff that are completely missing with the kit.

Yesterday evening I just finished the ventral chaff&flare box launcher... tomorrow I'll post a couple of pics with the result.

I've already beginned to rework the AIM-9M launcher to became a BOL fitted one.

Don't know if I'll need to do a decent Mk.12 bang seat or if Aires/others will arrive first with one from them.

"Eye frog" airscoops are on the line... very close to be ready.

What else?



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What else?

Are you going to tackle the bleed air ducts? They're only hard if you leave it until after you seal up the cockpit halves.

Also, I seem to remember there's something a bit funny going on with the standard cockpit floor; the stick should go into the transverse tube ahead of the seat but I think it mounts ahead of it. Shout if you'd like me to explain with the help of a diagram.

Liking it very much so far though. Why didn't they give you a call before committing the tooling eh? I think they asked the SIG, then ignored their suggestions. Ho hum.


PS/ Also noticed that the forward RCV seems to have been moulded as though it is part of the nosecone. It isn't - and the half ellipse cut-out in the nosecone where they join seems to be missing too.

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Hello my friends,

I'm back on this with the ventral chaff&flares box launcher.

I've made just from white thick plasticard.



Fitting to the airframe is really good, in the pics you can see some gap but its only due the UHU Tack used to temporary fix the piece on place.




A grey primer just to better show the piece.



I didn't load the chaff&flares packs on just because they are used only in war missions. Some etched or decal will be used if needs.



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