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Airfix 1/48 Harrier FRS.1

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  • 1 month later...

Little update, managed to get the coaming sorted, added some lead wire to the coaming to replicate the cockpit Air Con system.


HUD added.


Gunpods on.


Rear canopy detail.



Wings rescribed and Airwaves vortex generators added, I thought these looked better than the Flightpath ones as they were a bit thinner. I also added some coloured styrene for the nav lights.


The wing RCV's were drilled out and eduard metal 'bits' added. I also thinned down the wing wheel wells and ribbing added (forgot to take a pic of this) Oh and Pavla's flaps and Ailerons added


I've started forming Flightpath's canopy framing detail, I had to take a bit of a leap of faith with this as it involved sanding the kits canopy framing off before i could test fit it, thankfully it fits pretty well.


That all folks


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Thanks for the comments guys! :cheers:

Picked one of these up recently. Thanks for the tips, looking really good - fine workmanship. How good is the book for Falklands War references??

Hi Spooky, yeah the books got some good Falklands war pics and a Aircraft in detail section that has all the A/C serials and there histories during the conflict, oh and of course theres Nick's stunning Airfix 1/24 SHAR to drool over :Tasty: Well worth buying if your into your SHARS 1 & 2!

Right Folks still beavering away at this, albeit at a snails pace.

Managed to get the wings on, filled, sanded back and rescribed without losing any of the vortex gene's :D


I foolishly thought Pavla's pylons would drop into place, no dramas, oh how wrong i was. First up the outer pylons are way to long and as you can see from this pic, both the bottom of the pylons are at a different angle when viewed side on.


Problem solved by replacing the outer pylons with the kit ones. Still not quite inline but close enough ;)


And one of the kit pylons detailed and winder launch rails fitted.(still got the sway braces to add)


Also got the framing on the windshield, for this I used PVA. Still needs a little bit of filler at the front to blend it in.


I wasn't happy with shape of the RWR, it was'nt square enough, so i sanded it back and added a bit of styrene and sanded this to shape.


Not far from the painting stage now just got the undercarriage to sort out, add a few aerials and then i can shoot some paint at this baby.



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Looks good Rich, thought the pavla pylons wouldn't of caused too much of an issue but hey ho, kit parts have turned out really well.

Good save mate.



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Thanks for the encouragement guys, much needed, I'm going to have to get a shift on to get this finished for the deadline. :frantic:

Remind me - this is 1:1 scale right?

1st class

Ha ha, nice one! Just wish it was, would look nice in the middle of the lawn although SWMBO would think otherwise.

Anyway, with the deadline approaching I've now got all the sub-assemblies completed at last.



Front gear complete with Flightpath wiring and tie-down eyes and a little scratch building with lead wire and plastic stock. To speed things up a bit I've decided to use the wheels from my Revell GR.7/9 kit, they may not be 100% correct but their much better than the Airfix offering and the same diameter aswell, also flatted for that weighted look. I've also got some little-lenses to add once there painted.


MLG with wine bottle foil added and a bit of 0.3mm brass tubing for the hydrollic line. Same deal here for the wheels, both came from Revell's GR.7/9 kit.


The outriggers have Eduards tie-downs and wine bottle foil added. I decided to cut out the wheels and add wheels from my AMRAAM line set, looks much better even if they were a pain to fit.


Here's one of the MDC fitted to the canopy, this came from the Eduard set, I really wasn't looking forward to this bit. I must admit the air was blue when i was fitting this, talk about fiddly. Got there in the end though, i used Klear to glue it in place, quite effective i think. Just needs some paint.


Last up was the gear doors, for the front gear doors i added 0.3mm sheet to represent the lip on the outside of the doors and then added hinges and Archer decals for the rivets. The door that sits behind the front landing gear comes from the Flightpath set.



Lastly I couldn't resist getting it on its legs, and to check if it 'sits' right, which I think it does. :winkgrin:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the primer on.



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Beautiful work Rich. Have a couple Airfix SHARs lurking under the bench and once the make it to the top I'll be refering back to this thread frequently for inspiration.

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Had that one in the stash until recently, without all the bits and bobs. I didnt find anything wrong with it, except for it's being a bit staid. Good stock, overall...

However, it was said to be accurate in outline and with all the add-ons you have it should build up sharply.

It had an excellent decal sheet, however. It was really extensive and well printed.

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Right the end is almost in sight, although still lots to do.

In the last couple of days I've managed to get the primer on, I used Mr Surfacer 1000, liberially thinned with Mr Thinner. Next up was Xtracolor's dark sea grey, I have more or less converted to acrylic's but I didn't have any DSG so had to go with enamel, the results weren't to bad. Then i did a bit of detail painting with Humbrol enamels.

Once this was dry i applied the decals which were Xtradecal Falkland's Harriers for the stencils and Sky decals for the unit markings both went on without to much trouble.

This is where I'm at now...




Next up a bit of weathering and I'll be nearly there!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I can finally put this one too bed, sort of anyway. Anyone who's been following this thread would have noticed that I said I was going to display this one as a deck dio. Unfortunately time has beaten me with this so its just the SHAR I'm afraid :( however I will carry on after the STGB.

Anyway on too the pic's...









Weathering was done with Oils, Tamiya smoke and watercolours then I gave it a coat of Klear to seal it. After this I was a wash with Promodellers dirt and a coat of Humbrol Satincote to finish.

I did rush it towards the end and made a few mistakes :whistle: I'm off on holiday tomorrow so I had 1 week less than everybody else, that's my excuse anyway.

San Miguel here I come :cheers:


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