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Airfix 1/35 Challenger 2

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Just got this finished this morning, it's the Airfix (Trumpeter) 1/35 Chally 2, built OOB.

This was a lingering project that I decided to get over and done with, it's my first tank, and hopefully not my last :P

I found the kit quite damn fiddly at times, namely the hoops on the rear deck, which I lost a few of.... oh well!

The fit of the rear turret was interesting, and needless to say, filler was brought into action.

I did the box KFOR scheme, using tamiya olive green and nato black. One problem I did find with the decals from Airfix,

the ones meant for the number plates were about 3 times bigger than they should have been. :blink:

So I raided the spares and came up with something, points to whoever can work out what they're off :P

I tried a Promodeller wash on the bottom to see what it'd turn out like, and just didn't get along with them on a matt surface,

instead I scraped off some brown chalk and did the wash with that, leaving a dusty look I was happy with. I think it's due

to the fine pigment size in the Promodeller washes, and using scraped chalk it had a larger pigment size, meaning it was easier

to remove from the matt finish. I finally gave the lower hull a dusting of tamiya buff.

Any comments and critiques are more than welcome :)















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Nice work chap. The weathering is spot on. The Scots Dragoon Guards had these in the BIG K in 2001 whilst I was there. One managed to roll over the front of a old VW Passat which tried to race the convoy...very flat fronted Passat, very annoy Cmdr as he's opnly washed it that morning. The Passat driver was ok.

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Thats very good! love the weathering, not all AFV s are covered in c**p!

In my experience biggest threat to chally 2 comes from the drivers seat !

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