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Tim B

Hello all!

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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around here for about a month or 2 now and I feel it's about

time i made an entrance. First I want to say how refreshing it is to find such a

knowledgeable, experienced and friendly community. I have found this forum to be a

great learning tool for me. There is just so much talent here!

I have just got back into model making after a 22ish year break. I made my last

model when i was about 10 years old, it was a FW 190 1:32 scale! I remember I was

more interested in making it fly than painting it or spending hours on the

incredibly detailed engine compartment....It didn't see much action after its maiden


I am going to be making mostly planes of all eras (military jets mainly) 1:48 or

1:72 I think.

This time round I have tooled myself up a bit better. After much deliberation I

bought myself an airbrush and compressor plus a decent range of paints and general

modeling paraphernalia. All set!

My first model in 22 years... A bit of a wierd one this, not even sure if it's

really relevant on this forum. (feel free to remove :banghead: ). I got this kit off ebay for

a friend as a birthday present. It's an Anime figure: Motoko Kusanagi from the

series and films "Ghost in the shell". 1:6 scale (I think). On to the pics...

After pinning and gluing. Notice (hard not to) the rather major fit problems.


Filled and sanded a LOT.


My first time using my shiny new Iwata Eclipse CS. This thing surely is the

Excalibur of airbrushes. My first time using any airbrush and now I never want to

use anything else. I was a bit worried about using a double action airbrush having

not even used a single action. The Iwata disproved this and I found it very easy to

operate. Easy to clean to. PRIMED!


Main coat of paint on.



Head and final detail. DONE!





I wish i had started off with a Tamiya plane :banghead:;) but it's all a learning curve and

after having that empty (I could have done better) feeling for about a day, I have

come to the conclusion I am actually pretty happy with the result, for a first time

effort. I am so glad I bought an airbrush!

I wonder if she can fly??? :pilot:


Edited by Tim B

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You can't beat the sight of a nubile young woman dressed in skin tight leather. If that's your first attempt, we should all worry. Inspiring work :thumbsup:

Where are my manners? :post1: Tim! :)

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Thank you for your kind comments guys. hmmm looks like Photobucket doesn't like the look of naked resin :shrug:

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:welcome: Tim.....

Something different and has certainly got our attention...Looking REALL GOOD....

:hypnotised: Houston.....

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Very nicely done - but sorry I have not a clue who or what she/it is????? Howvere it has given old Buckle a bit of a zizzz so that will keep him quiet for a couple of minutes! Some people say he has a warped humour - actually he is just warped!

Welcome of course.


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