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Firefly book


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The Firefly book is a truely Britmodeller venture, with all-new colour profiles by Srecko Bradic, all-new plans by Mark Gauntlet, a total of 10 builds by myself and Tony O'Toole in 1/72 and 1/48, and lots of walkaround photos from myself, Gary Hatcher and Mark Peapell.

This will be the same format as my Hunter book, and I am looking at further titles in the same vein.

A couple of teasers for you:



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Teasers is right, wot I said before but +++. Its 35-40 years since I made my first Airfix mK V, later converted it to a Mk 1 following an article from Airfix mag, still a great favourite. This will be a must have & as soon as poss I reckon.


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