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Hello everybody, i came across this website by chance and cant believe the tips and the class of models on here, i have just recently got back into modelling after about a fifteen year break, not really had time to do them before with work etc. I have nearly finished a F-4E Phantom Hasegawa kit i am open to critisisum, i have bought the revell tank transporter kit so that is my next project,

I used the Tamiya weathering kit on this model for the area behind the engine is this cheating or does anybody think they are good im not good with a spray gun at the moment so thought i would try these powders..






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Looks pretty damn good! You've got a great effect on the exhausts with the weathering pastels :)

My one suggestion would be to put a top coat of varnish over the whole model, this would even up the matt paint finish and the glossy finish of the decals.Maybe a satin-finish varnish?

Apart from that, great! I love the interesting colour scheme.

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One more hint, adding to what Vulcancity said, use either gloss paints or apply a gloss varnish before decalling as this will prevent the silvering that can be seen under some of the decals. Then apply a matt or satin varnish (or indeed another gloss) as required.

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Thanks for the comments I have got a varnish finish should i have sprayed it on before doing the stickers will it be ok to spray on now?

The paint was just what i made up found the instructions quite hard to follow as its mostly in chinese.Got it from a car boot (cheap) the stickers were also the wrong ones for that model so i had to improvise

Once again thanks for the comments. :newb:

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great effort mate but there some serious mistakes and soryy that i have to point them out, but you will learn for the next model

you can see the seem on the top where the two halvs meet together

also you can see the seem wher the top fuselage meets the bottom infront of the exhausts

there is a n area before the exhausts that is aluminium not the camo color

the missile colors are not correct

the decals on the intake spliter should go ove rthe wing tip

the inside of the gear bay is white not grey

the ole strut on the main landing gear is chrom/silver not black

hope i helped a bit

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Thanks very much it was a bit thrown together like i say the decals where incorrect for the kit so had no instructions for them and what is the best way to deal with the seams would it be milliput or something like if id have found this website before i would have asked for help but thanks for letting me know where i went wrong i am grateful for the comments i can use them to improve my next model.

Cheers :)

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