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Spitfire Mk.Vb Floatplane

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This model is built using the Italeri 1/72 Spitfire Mk.Vb as a base for the fuselage & wings,

with the PM Models Mk.Vb 'Floatplane' kit providing a part of the tail / rudder & the floats..

The canopy is from an unknown kit (not a good fit) and the propeller comes from the new

Airfix Mk.IXc..

I also used plastic card and filler to reshape the tail / fin.. something I had to do last minute

as I received a Spitfire magazine in the post, with better reference photos in it, than I could find

on the internet..


Unfortunately it ended up as a model of an 'unspecified' Spitfire Vb Floatplane, as some of the PM Models decals I used,

or rather intended to use, split when they got wet.. :(


Anyway, that little setback aside, I am reasonably pleased with my latest Spitfire project.. :)






So far this month:


Will I fit in another two Spitfires before the end of the month? I'll try.. :D


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Nice effort, its a change to see this done with operational type camo rather than prototype & I reckon it looks better for it. IMHO you're better off without the P marking on it, there are pictures a plenty (well a few anyway) of these in Egypt in operational camo. I've got a PM model to use the floats to do similar but, no replection on your effort, I think the PM floats are the wrong proportion. They give the planes a bit of a clown feet look as they're too long in front of the pylon & too short behind, but its not a simple job of slicing off the pylon & relocating it as the step is in the correct place for the pylon. The Kopro Mk IX plane is the same, the older Eastern Exprerss versions floats were about right I think from pics I've seen. I have'nt worked out how best to handle this yet but I like Spitfire floatplanes & I like your one. Thats a nice paint job.


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A different and very nice Spit variant.

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