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Airfix 1/48 Spitfire MkIXc/XVIe--extra sprues?

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Just got Airfix's spitfire as title. Now, it's one of the older style boxings, the Kit Ref. No. on the end of the box is A05113.

When I picked up the box it seemed rather full for a 1/48 Spit., and this was obviously, as I found out on opening, because as well as the kit parts all together in one plastic bag, there was another bag with three sprues in it. A casual glance at the instructions seemed to show no callouts for the parts in the extra bag. They comprise of 2 wing tops with no bulges and 2 holes for cannon apparently, 3 sets of wing tips, clipped, standard and pointy extended ones.

Also 4 blade prop, cannon barrels, flaps, undercarriage legs, pointy spinner, 4 upper wing panels, 2 with large central bulges and 2 with offset smaller bulges. A no of other parts including underside cowling and 2 exhausts.

Anyone know if they should be there or are from some other Spit version perhaps?

The bag has a small paper label with numbers as below -----

MIC07 P88772

C631 42 312

Any help would be appreciated.

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They probably didn't mention it as you can't build a MkV as the fuselage is the wrong length. It must have been easier to keep the sprues in the package than remove them even all though they weren't needed.

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Just pulled mine out of the stash, I can confirm that you've got a set of Vc/Seafire III sprues in there. Those sprues have the exhausts, flaps, wingtips and canon bulges you'll use on the IX

There's actually 4 sets of wingtips included, 2 clipped, 1 standard and 1 extended.

The biggest problem I see is that you've got a Vc C wing and a post-war C/E hybrid wing (complete with wheel bulges), but it doesn't look like theres an actual E wing for the wartime mkIXe/XVIe, but that should be easily solved by filling the outer MG ejection ports and fitting the proper cannon bulges and barrels on the E lower wing. The wheel bulges remain wrong for wartime E wings.

I'd probably try and use the Vc upper wings with the IX lower wings in order to avoid the wheel bulge issue.

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