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Unearthing The Past


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Morning everyone!

Here's my latest diorama entitled, tentatively, 'Unearthing The Past'. As you can see it has allowed my once again to create a 'crossover scene', that mixes the world I see around me with, with a slight military twist – thus creating atmosphere that I can feel, rather than simply imagine as I would, if I were building a completely historical set-piece.

The idea for this one has been in my mind for a while; I’ve always enjoyed programmes such as Time Team and I often considered building a diorama based around the discovery of a buried military artefact. When Fujimi's little digger arrived on the market, it was just the push I needed to get started! As with 'Then And Now' the figure is from Royal Model. The wall is from the spares' box and the Char turret from VP. All foliage is from Mininature. The completed scene is little more that 4" square and so is the smallest diorama that I've ever built – and perhaps one of the quickest to complete, taking a little under a week to finish in total.

Is there a whole tank under there, or just the turret? I think I’ll let you decide...

I hope you like it!

Spence :)





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I really dig it :thumbsup:

Well someone was bound to say it so it may as well be me

Like the flora lots and was wondering what scale please?

Guessing 54mm?

Hey there - yes it's 54mm.

Thanks very much for your comments - I'm really pleased that you liked the model!

It's back to the bench today to complete some of the older work that's been hanging around...

Have a great day!

Spence :)

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Well Spence,

Its all been said, but where is the Roll Over Bar on that mini 360 machine??


Oddly - I found a couple of pictures of Kubota U10-3 Mini-diggers without the roll cage so I may be all right! Seriously though, I have another one of these kits and I think I may supperdetail it and add all of the missing details, including that roll cage, which will change the appearance of the model considerably. If I do, I'll replace the one in this scene with the reworked model and use this one elsewhere...

Thanks for the comment!

Spence :)

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