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Gloster E.28/39 Gloster Pioneer (Gloster Whittle)

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Finished my Gloster E28/39. Typical Special Hobbies short run kit but went together nicely.

Put Edward PE seat harness but hard to see through the rather thick canopy. Had to cut down undercarriage as looked like a stork with them as they came.






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Nice work - I did one myself a few years back. Screwed up the decaling, so bought another one and started again. It was cheaper than cobbling the decals together from other sheets! :hmmm:


The landing gear on mine still looks a little gangly, even after hacking off a couple of mm :rolleyes:

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Thanks Guys. Yes, have to be rather aggressive with the saw to get it sitting more or less were they wouldn’t need a ladder to gain access. Nice build Mike.

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I've just Googled this aircraft and your build came up mate.

Very nice sir. :clap2:

I'm making up the less sophisticated 1:72 Ark kit (probably ex-Frog).


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