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U-260 Revell 1:144


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Just wanted to add some pictures taken in better light outside, and I've also done a final bit of weathering to the railings and tried my best to do something with the flag. This model is now in its case never to be touched again, or I'll end up trying to get something 'just right' and feck it up...








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I have the Atlantic version as well and I have to say I really enjoyed building that 1:144 kit. Recommended!

Nice to the wires on OP's model.

As for the accuracy of the kit itself I cannot say, but it seem to have all the nice details that make it all stand out. However, I have seen three kits now, where the deck on all three apparantly has flawed moulding on a stripe of flooring, or maybe it is supposed to look a little odd. Perhaps it could be fixed with putty.

During the last part of the build I broke some tiny parts and some got lost in the carpet, so I went out and bought another kit of the same to play with later on. :)

The things I tweaked were:

- Made some holes for the drainage holes in the bow section of the uboat. Unfortunately, I did not have the tools to open up the rest of the holes.

- I sanded the gunbarrels and drilled holes in the openings. The fragile plastic broke in two from simply being twirled with my fingertips. :(

- I sanded the two propellers, so that they ended up with more sharp edges. Easy.

I really wanted to buy another German WW2 sub, but alas it would not fit in my display case because it would be too long (50cm).

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