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Changing my entry..

dylan the rabbit

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Ahh, I thought it may happen.

October and now November turned into ridiculously busy months at work. Make hay whilst the sun shines and all that.

December's looking just as good, but very bad for the modelling.

So, as I've hardly got started on the RE8, I'm going to return it to the box, and am going to do a 1/48th Revell Fokker DVII. Herman Goering's to be precise. No white metal parts or rigging... :shithappens:

Hey ho, what to do?

Keep up the good work fellas. It's all looking good.

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Yes of course you can. Anything you like David.

I think we both got carried away with exuberance at the start of the build, and when the reality set in... :banghead:

Yes, I did see your comment on the picture. Thankyou very much by the way, and her name's Joss Stone. I'm happy with the images I got from the event, and so's the client.. KerCHING!

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