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More typhoon question

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Hello boys,

Darn be Revell and their kinky colours mixes !!!

Am I correct in assuming AIM120 body, for those with black fins and white cone, being FS 36375 ? If not which colour would that be ? I've been skeeming the pinned typhoon topic but appart seing some (inert probably) being camoflage color overall, no other refs about it. As well, what would be the colour for ASRAAM ? It seems to be a lighter shade of grey;

I don't even have a modern weapon box from haseg' at hand to get the color info :who-let-rip:

thanks in advance,



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There's several pics of mine on the Typhoon reference section that should help. All the QRA aircraft pics there are carrying live rounds, the banding on the bodies gives it away. I'm no expert on colour references so somebody else will have to help in that area, but as a guess I would say the AIM-120's are a similar shade to the fuselage, and the ASRAAM's look white(ish). I've repeated the two close up's below. Rest assured they are live rounds on a QRA launch.



The last time I photographed a QRA jet was in October (also in the reference section) and the colours looked unchanged. Be advised though that recent pics from both Coningsby and Leuchars show jets carrying two AIM-120's only (front left and rear right). The Leuchars pics only show drill rounds - so far - and they look like AIM-120C's with the smaller fins are being carried on their jets.

Hope that's some help.


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The ASRAAM's are a very light grey whilst the AMRAAM's are a darker grey but not as dark as the Typhoons grey, I usually use some thing close as I'm not too fussed about exact shades as no 2 planes are the same. As for the AMRAAM nose cone it is a light cream colour and should be done as matt as it is unpainted.

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AMRAAM is FS36375. As Hatchet, the fins are natural metal (not black) and the nose cone of a live missile is white. On CATMs in RAF service, the whole missile body is FS36375. Live missiles currently carried are the AIM-120B, although captive AIM-120C-5s can also be seen.

ASRAAM is Light Aircraft Grey regardless of whether it's a live or a training missile.

None of the air-to-surface weapons in the Revell kit are currently carried by Typhoon.

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