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Polikarpov R5


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ICM received considerable amount of critics for the quality of mouldings and low quality control.

Muchichko says he always pays particular attention to the surface quality of his masters. Valentin considers his cooperation with ICM team as his great success, but states that he is not the right person to address moulding quality claims to.

Back to the Scalemodels thread, Sergey Trufanov, who, I bielive, has connection with South Front, wrote that R-5 (actually, three modifications, R-5, passenger PR-5 an R-5SSS, with some others to follow later) will be high-pressure injected kits. This will allow them keep all these surface details, but it will take some time to set up process, as this will be one of the company's first efforts in high-pressure injection moulding

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Thank you for the clarification, Ilya - that's very helpful information!



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