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Typical Tornado ECR load

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Plenty of options but I think they look pretty neat with 2x HARMs (AGM-88A) mounted underneath, a normal fit for the SEAD role. The steerable FLIR sensor underneath the nose is another feature of the ECR. Make sure the cannons are removed though.

The German ECRs also carry BOZ-107s, similar to the RAF versions I believe, and also the Cerebus pods which are more unique to them. You could also stick some AIM-9s on the pylons, or an acquisition round or something.



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Thanks hatchet...was wondering what you meant by captive rounds...does that mean intert?

Not quite..Captive means that the aircraft can fly with the missile,which is usually a fin-less dummy body with no rocket motor or warhead but with a live seeker head for simulated air to air combat.

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