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Tamiya 1/72

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hello how are the tamiya's EF,Tornado,Jaguar,KFIR,Harrier,Rafale Su 27/34

Are those copies of hasegawa,or?

As far as I am aware those Tamiya kits are not available in Britain so they could well be copies of other firm's kits.


Tony :clif:

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The Jaguar they released was defiantly an Italeri kit. Don't know about the other ones listed though


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Many (more than half, I think) of Tamiyas 1/72 kits are reboxed Italeris. If you look here, the only jet/helo kits that are Tamiyas own are AFAIK the F-84G and F4D-1. I don't know about WWII kits.

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