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Extra A/C Downloads for FSX


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I can vouch for Flightsim, used it for years now and never once had an issue, they also have nice documents on how to do things like install aircraft... however for military aircraft it depends on the country... for the RAF its okay for FSX, FS2004 your laughing!

For the RAF another stop would be UKMil which specialise in British modern aircraft skins, with the occasional aircraft, and Bases, Flightsim have a good Waddington,Brize Norton and Leuchars, not sure on USAF or other forces air base.

Lastly Traffic, World of AI has free low poly AI traffic for Civil airlines, general aviation, Transport airlines and to a degree military packages, however the three airbases I suggested above come with AI traffic and flightsim have some more.

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If you are into military aircraft and classic warbirds check out this forum:


There are absolutely loads of forums and sites for MSFS, but Sim-Outhouse is the main hub for fans of military aircraft in FSX. If you're looking for anything in particular just ask away there and you'll get plenty of recommendations.

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