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Crookedmouth's busy year


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I'm astonished at the number of kits I've ploughed through in 12 months. I'd like to think that my skills have developed in that period to the same extent that my bank account has been depleted...

The first one barely scrapes in as a 2010 build, the Classic Airframes 1/48 Westland Whirlwind was completed on 8th of January.


This one hardly counts...


But Roden's 1/48 SE5a was my first ever (real) biplane. I was very pleased with this at the time, but in retrospect, the rigging is awful...


Trumpeter's 1/48 Sea Fury gets a lot of stick, but I reckon it's OK and there aren't too many alternatives in this scale out there...


Flames of War's Churchill...


...and AFV Club's Churchill MkIII (1/35) were my only two armour builds...


A Tamigawa Rocketphoon (1/48) one of my fave planes of all time


I'd still like to build a few more of Eduard's 1/48 FW190 series despite having completed a D9


and an F8 (my only diorama)


The Tamiya Do335 is probably the build I'm happiest with this year...


... but this one (Xtrakit's 1/72 Sea Vixen) probably comes close second


This is my second 1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern, and I reckon it shows some improvement over my first


...and this is my biggest build to date - the Trumpy 1/72 Badger


Finally a round up of 1/72 bipes, tripes and so on, from left to right

Airfix Brisfit, Revell Sopwith Tripe and Camel, Revell Fokker DVII, and the Airfix DH88 Comet.


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Oh - and over the year (my first full one on Britmodeller) I have had a lot of encouragement, praise and help from so many of you: it's made the builds a lot more enjoyable. I try to thank everyone who comments on my work and I'm sorry if I missed anyone. To all of you who bothered to look, comment or help.

Thanks :grouphug:

I hope you all get the kits you wanted for a very Merry Christmas and that you have plenty of quality time to build them in a peaceful and propsperous New Year, but don't forget to put your craft knife down and spend a little of that modelling time with your family & friends.


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...my favourite would have to be the Typhoon and the Wyvern....but there all good....

......don't forget to put your craft knife down and spend a little of that modelling time with your family & friends.

.....you can't be serious? surely?what about the time you'll need to rig the DH2? :o


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