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Where are all the Sea Vixens chaps!?!?!?

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There's one over on Hyperscale...


Hey.. this is not our Mike Williams is it? :wicked:

If it is he's posting away......naughty you'll get found out :devil:

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In its box waiting for Aires,Eduard or CMR to get their fingers out.....

Bar some bang seats... i'm really not sure what may need to be improved upon...... nothing some lead wire and some plasticard wont fix for the detailers....

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Nope, you can't...



And I DIDN'T use US interior green either.

The one thing you can say about the Sea Vixen is that the wing folds where painted in a variety of different colours during there service life. This include Zinc Chromate Yellow (p84,90 de Havilland Twin booms) , the interior green, light blue grey (p84,102 de Havilland twin booms (with lovely silver rocket pods)

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..great work Mike .....I was more curious about the 'colour' you used on the landing gear ?

Thanks. I used tamiya XF-25 Light sea Grey , which is a dead match to the anti corrosion paint DH used. Its not a million miles off the reccommended Humbrol 87 Steel Grey in the Sea Vixen instructions.

@ Davec_24 Thanks, it took a little over three weeks start to finish. I picked it up at Telford. It will appear with full build review in next months Scale Aircraft Modelling.

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