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2010 for MiG Mongoose

MiG Mongoose

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Hi there,

2010 has been a truly great year in modelling for me, I have witnessed a huge improvement in my techniques and the reults I have achieved. This is mainly down to the aquisition of my Badger 350 airbrush, a truly magnificient tool!

All projects are in 1/72 scale

Firstly, the Kopro Su-7, not the best subject for a very first airbrush project, but jumping in the deep end is a great way to learn quickly. Painted in Egyptian Air Force.


Next is the Bilek Shenyang F-6. A nice little kit, the camouflage was even less suitable for an airbrushing newbie than the Sukhoi was, but still I achieved a fantastic result. Decals are for Somali Aeronautical Corps, one of my favourite camouflage schemes.


Then, I completed the Airfix Pucara in the markings of the Uruguayan Air Force, a good lesson in adding nose weight, photograph strategically taken from where the stand couldn't be seen!


Next, the Kopro Mi-8, in the colours of the Guinea-Bissau Air Force. The easiest camouflage scheme I've airbrushed, the worst result! <_< I enjoy forgetting that I built this! :winkgrin:


My luck didn't improve with the Revell Dornier Do 28, painted in early Zambian Air Force markings, painting was a disaster, I resorted to a Tamiya Spray Can, Three layers of self made decals was never going to end well, but it got finished.


This is more like it now, Trumpeter's K-8 Karakorum. A superb kit, until I cracked the canopy, photograph strategically taken from where the crack couldn't be seen (Darn! it can still be seen!) Markings are of Sri Lanka Air Force.


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Continuing, I tried my hand at the new Airfix MiG-15, my first ever silver airbrushed finish. Accuracy aside, a nice kit to build, self made decals for Albanian Air Force


Then with the confidence gained from the MiG, I finished Italeri's F-104A Starfighter, I'm not happy with the shine of the model, I would prefer a more glossly finish, but I can't be bothered! I modified the kit decals to make an accurate Pakistani Air force version.


And finally, I finished the Tamiya (Italeri (ESCI)) F-100D Super Sabre in the weathered markings of a French Air Force machine, A satisfying result indeed.


All in all, a great year. I look forward to continuing into 2011, providing university doesn't take away all my time! (Hopefully I can find the odd spare moment to pick up a kitset). Thanks to everyone who looked, commented and helped me with my projects.

Happy holidays to everyone and best wishes for the new year.

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