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My first few months on BM


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I came to Britmodeller back in May from a Google search on the colours of Malta-based fighters, which showed a lot of good research and good opinions. So impressed was I that membership followed - as did my first models for 20-odd years. Starting off as a late entry for the Night Fighter GB came my 1/72 Revell Hurricane Mk.IIb – converted from the IIc – and the Eduard F6F-5N Hellcat:



After that I built a n Airfix Spit Mk.I as a PR model and a generic Malta Hurricane IIc – another Revell 1/72 – both of which showed me that I had a long way to go on my weathering skills:


As did the Bristol Beaufighter – an Airfix Mk.X converted to Mk.I PR model as flown by ‘Warby’ Warburton from Malta – for the Blitzbuild GB.


As a little aside – and another Malta fighter – I did the old Airfix Gladiator as ‘Hope’:


Then came a quartet for the Battle of Britain GB, the Airfix 1/48 Hurricane, Revell 1/32 Spitfire, Tamiya 1.48 Spitfire and Airfix 1/48 109E:





After this lot I went back to Malta with an Airfix Spitfire Mk.Vc that several members donated bits for, making it a Tamifix…


Rounding out the year is my little sub-collection of 1/28 Revell WW1 scouts, starting with a pair of Fokker triplanes.


Currently on the bench is my 1/28 Sopwith Camel which might be finished by December 31. Next up are my 1/72 Airfix for the Buccaneer GB entry and the last of my 1/28 Quartet – Georges Guynemer’s Spad XIII, which will be underway ASAP.


Next year I’m going to graduate to the fiddlier but more numerous 1/48 WW1 models, some 8th Air Force legends, a Lancaster and more Malta-related gubbins.

Thanks to everyone for such a great site to discover in the first place and here’s to a good New Year. I know a lot of people on here deserve one!

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