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Biker Build Off

Biker Build Off  

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  1. 1. Which Build is your favourite

    • Build 1 "Silver Dream"
    • Build 2 "Zider Drinker"
    • Build 3 "The Gambler"

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Our club had an internal comp based on the Discovery channels 'Biker Build Off'

For those that don't know the show, builders of custom motorcycles have 6 weeks to build a one off motorbike.

They then ride the bikes to a show together and the public vote on their favourite.

Our extra rules were that the bike had to start as one of the 1:12 scale Revell choppers and have at least a custom paint job.

They built them, rode them to Britmodeller, and now if you wouldn't mind voting on them over the next week, we can find your favourite.

We had three entries, all Britmodeller members, and here are their bikes.

Build 1 "Silver Dream"





Build 2 "Zider Drinker"





Build 3 "The Gambler"





Voting will finish 30th October 2010 Saturday evening, Thanks Wayne

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Thanks to everyone who voted. I've got to be honest, I was expecting a few comments as well. But the result is;

1st Zider Drinker 17

2nd The Gambler 6

3rd Silver Dream 2

I'm pretty certain that all bikes will be on our table at Telford, so come and have a look.

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