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YFM-1B Airacuda


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Picked this up for a bargain price at the last Milton Keynes show, something a bit more complex for my second build.


13 of these were built I understand, this variant being one of 2 that were fitted with a lower hp engine than the rest.

Certainly innovative, but also seemingly rather crap :banghead:

Bits wise, not as many as you'd expect, lots of petite scribing and rivet detail, this one will need careful painting to avoid swamping it.




The only major error in the kit that I can see is the exhausts, they seem a bit oversized - and both the inboard sides shouldn't have the down kink to them, should end straight as the box art shows. I'll grind off the excess and fill. I can live with the oversized crudeness I think. Though I may have some rod I can replace them all with.

So far I've washed the resin and sawed off and prepped the cockpit pieces. Hoping the fit isn't too bad...

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Proving a bit of a pain this one.

The location and fit for the cockpit pieces are rather vague, lots and lots of test fitting.

Due to the open nature and not trusting myself to install the complete cockpit unit as suggested I'm building and painting it into the fuselage halves as I go.

Only have this to show so far:


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