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cf109 (tsr 2 interceptor) now finished


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right iv started the 1/48 pheonix armed interceptor variant of the tsr 2.

the pheonix arnt the most silly part of the build that honour resides in the bomb bay (it just happens to fit like a glove too)

can you tell what it is yet? ;)



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made some progress with this

the gun is a gau 8!! the barrel and the ammo drum were used and the pod was made using a drop tank which happens to be exactly the same diameter as the drum. the whole assembly also happens to be exactly the same length i havnt had to shorten it at all its an absolutely perfect fit purely by coincidence!

i made a mistake when i cut the fuel tank i used a hacksaw which has left a flat ridge from head on if i had drilled it out that wouldnt happen doh too late now




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more progress pics im actually really happy with a couple of things iv done so far on this.

iv made/bodged a full gau-8 gun/cannon/bloody great buzzsaw together which fits absolutely perfectly in the bay (wouldve been fantastic for scareing the bears away)

iv also modified the pilots instrument panel and cover as it was the kit 1 looks waaaaay to high by my reckoning the pilot woould have zero forward visibility iv lowered it quite a bit and im much happier about it i may even do the same on the original tsr i did.



the nose was a 32 scale 2200 gal fuel tank i chopped up the reason being i doubt very much the awg-9 (necessary) wouldve fitted in the rather slim nose of the tsr2



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ite nearly done now looks really grubby too






iv had a disaster with the decals the numbers at the front (023) folded over on themselves and iv knackered em trying to sort it :( also the red stripe that runs from the intake back didnt adhere properly and has ripped grrrr

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