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HMS Queen Elizabeth II + Sea Tornado FRS2

moaning dolphin

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Greetings on and all again

Just a very quick update today, my wife is out shopping and i'm meant to be tidying the house ready for my mother to come and inspect later this afternoon, so if she finds out that ive rushed the cleaning and spent the rest of the time on BM then i will be for it, so what she doesnt know wont hurt her eh?

The QE2 doesn't have an update, just painting so no point sticking any phots on. The Tornado is coming along nicely. I've starting decalling and she looks a little like a navy bird. I sorted the nose weight problem, sealed the hole and then put the tail planes on ............. you guessed it those lumps of plastic that far aft DO make a difference to the centre of gravity, so need to re-address that later. Over the next week will be final decal and assembly followed by a good old mucky wash. Enjoy the phots!





Below is an image with the original nose leg. This put the nose too high so have modified it as you have seen previously, but this shows the take off position with an extended nose oleo (as in the Phantom) I was going to have it as a Buccanneer (ie on its backside with the nose right in the air!) but didn't have enough tail clearance.



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Hello again everyone!

First up an update on the QE2. Not much has been done in the construction but have been busy with the Halfords spray, masking tape and paint brushes. I went for 70's stylee for the main deck markings merging with modern lusty markings for the ski ramp area. The paint does look a bit too shiney and new so will require a bit of weathering. There is still quite a bit of touching up required on the hull structureI am having a few snags with the superstructure painting at the moment, for some reason it keeps reacting and bubbling making the whole thing look a bit horrid, Its only noticeable close up, so may have to resort to soft focusing on the camera. The airwing is underway as well, but no fots yet, they do look quite nice in the blue/white colour scheme.




And a pilots eye view


As for the Tornado, its progressing well. The extra nose weight has been added and secured with a 'sensor blister' as opposed to a camera port. A dirty wash has been applied and a bit of further weathering will be required along with a touch up. Undercarriage has been added, next will be airbrakes, maybe a refuelling probe then a few pinky and bombhead bits and bobs to stick on. This will probably be the last update for this as its nearly completed so will next appear in the gallery.





Cheers now


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Is there something wrong with the decals on the Sea Tornado tail?

Yes there is, I used some old Fujimi decals for the white diamond and they didnt settle over the vanes on the tail. I should have removed the vanes and they would have settled alot better, but alas it was too late. They arent great (infact they are quite awful) and I will have to do a bit of touch up.

Cheers now


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Pretty stunning work, love the use of the carrier for a background setting.

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Well I am declaring these builds complete,HOORAH! First off the Tornado. To cover up the poor intakes and exhaust innards,I have knocked up a couple of blanks. Also the Canopy was pants and I couldn't clean it without taking it off and risking mucking it all up. I took the easy option and covered it with a protective cover to prevent salt water ingress! I also fitted her with a full weapon load, yup,all she will take is a couple of sidewinders and 497 cannon rounds which you cant see! Here are the final shots





Below is how she would look for a cat shot. In reality the main undercarriage would extend, in effect lifting the fuselage an extra few feet clear of the deck. The catapult strop would be connected to the hooks on the underside, a stay would befitted to the aft fuselage and the whole front end would raise in the air to increase the angle of attack, just like the buccaneer!



Next up is the QE2

Cheers now


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Now for the QE2. Since last update I have added the weapon fit, upfront on a platform is a sea dart and exocet with a goalkeeper guarding the rear. Although the goalkeeper was disabled after someone forgot to switch it off when the 892 NAS CO was on finals for his first landing, put the frighteners up him for sure but he survived! The airwing consists of 1 Hawkeye of 849 D flight, several 892 tornados, a couple of 800 Tomcats, an 820 Merlin, a couple of 801 Sea Harriers and a couple of 853 intruders.

I did have high hopes for this one but in the end it dragged on a bit and I have rushed it to finish it on time. I am not happy with it due mainly to paint issues. The finish on the hull and superstructure. I am happy with the deck though and think it looks ok.The airwing was a little rushed and due to current cutbacks dont display any markings :whistle: Its all a little half hearted in the end but hopefully it will give you an idea of the concept.

Forward weapon mount


Rear goalkeeper mount







Pilots eye view



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moaning dolphin, on 03 Sept 2010 - 2:44 PM, said:

The ski ramp had to remain however as this was the accomodation for the extra stewards required for the offices cocktail lounge. Therefore it was decided to keep the Sea Harriers, along with the US aircraft and also the Tornado making an impressive looking line up.

mmm, the stewards must have noisy accomodation. Also, ebay in the 70s/80s? Maybe some sort of very large car boot sale thing only without the cars and boots. Still the FUNNIEST :goodjob::wow: back story I have ever read and the finished builds look superb!

chomp chomp


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