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1/72 Frog Do17Z-2

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I will be making for this build the formentioned Dornier Do17Z-2. Ive aquired a decal sheet full of Dorniers.

Prelims, I dont now of any other manufacturer that make a Do17 other than monogram and frog. This isnt a majorly detailed kit but it will give a representation of a 17 nevertheless. Not tonnes of parts either so this will probably be quite a quick build.





Made a start today by assembling a few parts and giving the relevant areas a coat of RLM70.



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Update 25/9/10

For Mish, i will be making the top ac on this sheet.


Started the main assembly and painting of the cockpit in RLM71 Schwartsgrun. As you can see from the pics the fits wants too bad considering the age of the kit, but there will be some areas requiring filling and mr surfacer.







For the fitting of the engines I had to remove the locating pins the wings as they didnt marry up with the lugs, so these were cut and sanded back. The engine fitted well after that but again will require a bit of filler around the joints.


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Lindberg also did a Do17Z in about the same timescale as Monogram and Frog, but I don't think it had much distribution in the UK.

Currently there is also an ICM Do.17Z-2. Judging from their Do215B I suggest it will be much more detailed than the Frog but at least as much work.

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