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Ernst Arnolds 109

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FW. Ernst Arnold

Messerschmitt BF109E-1


30th August 1940

I haven't been able to find much info about Ernst Arnold, not even a picture.

On the 30th August, JG.27 were based around the Cherbourg area, possibly at Guines.

At 16.00hrs Arnold took off in Yellow 12, as part of a freelance fighter patrol over England.

They were intercepted near Canterbury and Arnolds 109 was hit in an attack by 603 sqn pilot Brian Carbury.

His radiator damaged, Arnold was forced to crash land at Westwood Court, near Faversham.

Arnold became a POW and his aircraft would later be put on display in Exeter, in aid of the Lord Mayors Spitfire Fund.

I'll be using the new Airfix kit to represent this aircraft,


with markings coming from the Hornchurch Decal sheet.


I've started with the cockpit.

I've replaced the kits moulded on harness, with some belts from an old Reheat etched set.

Painting wise, I've done much the same as I did with the Spitfire cockpit.

I base coated the parts with Vallejos RLM02. Then Shadowing was added with a darkend mix and when dry, a thin coat of the RLM02 was dusted back over.

It was sealed with a coat of Kleer and then an oil wash of Raw Umber mixed with an enamel mid grey, was run into all the nooks and crannies.



This will be set aside to dry for a couple of days. Then I can get on with the detail painting.

To keep me occupied in the meantime, I'm gonna knock a couple of these guys together. :)


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Another Diorama in the offing in this GB? fantastic! I like the scheme chosen, Is the fuselage all one colour for the upper camouflage? if it is, thats different, but I like these not-so-orthodox schemes :)


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No, it just looks like that on the decal instructions (very dark printing).

It's RLM70/71 Splinter on the topside.

Ah yes I see now, its very faint. in any case, it's looking like it'll be a lovely build. Like many of us, I've got one of these new fan-dangled Airfix 109's in my stash, and love to see what people can do with them :)


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