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Ho hum- scratch one nightfighter.. from the G.B.


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Well, I really DID try to get this one finished- the Hasegawa Ta-154 V-3 in 1/72 scale.

beautiful little kit- but it was hellishly expensive when first issued- saw one not get bid on for £7.50 on Epay this week..

Well, there is no such thing as photo etch in this kit, and so if you want an accurate radar depiction of the FUG 212Lichtenstein radar- you have to make it yourself- which is what I was doing.

I would say I am about 5/8 the way through, learnt an awful lot about fiddly stuff, micro tube, fuse wire, cyano glue and accelerator in the process, but alas, one of the "cross supports literally disappeared into thin air, so I had to scratch one, (the other three were drastically reduced in thickness) (and put on micro tube support posts) but in the end time beat me, as there are still other little jobs to do, including a few other minor details, including other aerials, and aerial wires (anyone know where the wire from the tail tip attaches to the mid fuselage?) exhaust stains, final detail painting, weathering, matting down, and unmasking.

Well, I suddenly realised that I only have ONE prop spinner. I think it may have gone for a ride in Mr Dyson's tummy- so man-vegetables to it.

Anyhow- this is as far as I got.



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Ach Mental, Sorry to hear it but... You can't stop there after all that fantastic work!

How did build the aerials? That looks like a major test in patience and fiddly work.

Wow! Just noticed it's in 1/72 too!!! I thought it was 1/48 at first...


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I'd go along with all of that Mental, it looks like a really interesting little kit, not one I've seen before. A great shame it's not ready, but I hope you will be able to finish it at some point and put it in the "Ready for Inspection" area. I've just found a maker/supplier of turned brass radar arrays and I've ordered 2 sets of the FuG220 for my Bf110G-4s, could be the answer to your problems? Try http://modellbau-schatton.privat.t-online.de/ I've just checked, he does the FuG220 in 1/72 but sadly not the FuG212.



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Thanks everyone- I did ring Amerang today to see if they would have a spinner- they are going to have a look- but told me not to get my hopes up.

Can't you bodge something up from scraps or even a solid Milliput spinner? Even a bad job would be worth it to save that build - it's so well done it'd be a crying shame to shelve it. I agree about the scale confusion - that could easily be a 1/48 kit, going by the photos.

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OH- F-F-S!!!

NNNnnnnoooooo- Do you believe it!!!

AND it had a metal tub- this kit is the MOST NOTORIOUS TAIL-SITTER I HAVE EVER BUILT!!! - and there is absolutely nowhere to store the extra lead once assembled--- ggrrrrrr


Tailprop?? I needed one for the He 219.....

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