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Group Build Banners


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And a banner for the D-Day group build ...





To get the banner:


For PC Firefox users ...

Right click on the banner.  Select Copy Image Location.  You can then paste the banner.



PC, MS Edge

Right click Banner, and open in new tab (or window).  You can copy the address from the address bar (at the top), and paste it ... wherever.


PC, Internet Explorer

Right click banner, and copy shortcut.  You can then paste the banner.

Edited by Robert Stuart
Added how to get the banner
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For the Supermarine Spitfire / Seafire / Spiteful / Seafang STGB which starts on Saturday (11th April 2020);


STGB Banner 2_5


Copy and paste into your signature block if you'd like to use it.



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1 hour ago, Marklo said:

My humble effort.


It's a little large though.   Site rules say that

  • If you have one or more picture with no text, it/they can be a maximum of 150 pixels tall by 400 wide in total.
  • If you have text and pictures, the pictures can be 100 pixels tall, and the text must use up minimum additional space.
  • If you want multiple pictures, you'll need to stitch and shrink them down so that they fit within the 150 x 400 space mentioned above.


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24 minutes ago, Marklo said:

Now I have to ask the obvious but dumb question, how does one attach a banner to their posts?


The few times I’ve done so I have just screen shot the image and added it as another photo in my opening post of the build thread.

Edited by Corsairfoxfouruncle
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