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Intelligence Report

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I'm standing to all squadrons, we've had intelligence that the enemy are planning multiple raids tomorrow 1st August. So as of 00:01 all squadrons are to be at battle readiness. We're expecting the bulk of the raids to come during the daylight hours.

Good luck and Tally Ho

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Allied builds

1) Jazy Jaze, Hurricane Mk1 Started

2) Maltadefender, Hurricane Mk1 Started

3) Fredjocko, Hirricane Mk1

4) PaulR, Spitfire Mk1A Started

5) Erwin, Spitfire Mk1 Started

6) Mish, Spitfire Mk1 Started

7) Doug Rogers, Hurricane Mk1 Started

8) Mark Marples, Hurricane Mk1 Started

9) CPNGRATS, Hurricane Mk1 x 2

10) FIIIfan, Spitfire Mk1

11) CliffB, Blenheim Mk1F

12) NickT, Hurricane Mk1

13) Smiffy, Spitfire Mk1 Started

14) Potato Pete Hurricane Mk1

Axis builds

1) Tango98, Bf109E-4

2) FZ6, Bf109E-3

3) Rowmk9, He111H-2 Started

4) FZ6, HeIII Started

5) Tango98, Bf110D0

6) Robmac, Ju87B-2 Started

7) Erwin, Ju87B Started

8) Muller, CR,42

9) Ade, Bf110C

10) MaltaDefender, Bf109E-4 Started

11) 32Sig, Ju88A-1 Started

Allied Builds Started = 8

Allied Builds Finished =

Axis Builds Started = 5

Axis Builds Finished =

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