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OK, it'll be tight but I'm in!

Graham T

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Good luck. 3 weeks is plenty of time! :)

Mmmm I see you've never built one of these! :winkgrin:

Anyway, as I understand is dictated by protocol, here's a pic of the first steps.


All the CA resin parts removed from their blocks & painted (mainly matt black of course). Awaiting a dry brushing to pick out the detail.

You can see the two parts that make up the Alleycat conversion, simply a longer nose & increased area tail fin, the latter requires you to remove the fins from the CA fuselage sides which is easily done. The nose is a replacement for the kit parts although I have "reemed" it out at the end that joins the kit fuselage in order to fit in the plastic kit nose undercarriage assembly.

The two small marks you can see either side of the nose bay cut-out represent how far the u/c assembly extends & so shows me how much room I have to cram in some form of very necessary nose weight (fortunately the Alleycat tail is a hollow cast!).

Also pictured are the upper halves of the wings where I have attached the outer wing portions to the nacelles/inner wings. This is the ONLY way to go here to avoid horrendous problems with alignment down the line & still doesn't totally solve the problem.

I don't usually post "in progress shots so the next you see will hopefully be the finished thing.

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Well the fuselage is together with the cockpits enclosed & the Alleycat conversion is attached & I must say this conversion is a superb fit. Moving along rapidly for me but anyone who's built these kits will know that the wings & intakes are the slow part!


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As predicted, the wings & intakes are the ssssllloooowww part. Having built a few CA Meteors before, I attaached the outer wing upper & lower halves to their respective inner parts. Then I added the intake lower halves to the wings before attaching the upper wings. When all was dry, I attached the upper intake halves after some jucdicious sanding & gougeing the fit is far better than adding the intakes as single pieces but still not perfect.


Here's the assembled unit with milliput garnish!

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